Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best use of Typography by you this semester

This was my own typography for my magazine spread on Kat Von D. The "Mi Vida Loca" was created with the pen tool to create a tattoo inspired typeface. I think that I really pushed my creative juices for this design. I think I am close to saying I have mastered the pen tool... with the rose I pen tooled all over my design and the type I think this was my favorite layout I have done yet.

Interesting/Innovative Typography Found in Sharadin

I chose Shelby Schena's Power vs Poverty poster for this new post because I just love how Hope is hand rendered and the peanut acts like a rebus in creating the "O" in hope. I really love this entire design and the way the roots come down and connect with the other letters in Hope are really great. I love this design and really love the emotional impact this poster gives you.

Most Interesting Type From A Package Containing Food You Consumed This Week

Well when your a Communication Design student you dont have much time to eat, and for those long nights staying up to study and do never ending projects I like to indulge in a little wine. So I chose a beverage I had this week instead of a food. I chose the "arbor mist" wine bottle for my journal because it flows nicely. The little swoosh on the side and the type used to write "White Zinfandel" is a very pretty classy type.

Type As Art

Not only do I love Dave Matthews Band but his last album "DMB Big Whiskey & The Groo Grux King" was all hand drawn by Dave Matthews himself. I think this is a great example as Type as Art because he incorporated the CD title into the entire design. "Groo Grux King" is on a float/wagon type thing getting pulled my horses and then "DMB Big Whiskey &" is acting like a banner about the horse and wagon. I LOVE this entire design. I think its great that Dave Matthews hand drew this entire CD and especially the way he incorporated type and illustration is great.

Rebus/Icon Incorporated into the Type

I found this design in the Vogue magazine and its for a swimsuit company. The rebus in the design is the girl diving across the "A" to complete the "A". I like the design it is very simple and clean and then just adding the girl in to complete the letter really makes the design.


I find inspiration in a ton of places, but my friend gave me this graphics book called "Graphics Alive" and not only is the entire book inspirational but the cover itself speaks aloud! I love the way the shapes create the letters as well as the colors intertwine within the letters.

Good Type Gone Bad

I was at the movies and I saw this movie poster. The avatar movie poster uses the papyrus font. I personally don't like this type but the people who designed the poster seem to not know where the font papyrus comes from... Papyrus was supposed to be used as a old world pirate scroll font and that was the ONLY thing it was supposed to be used for. Funny thing is, Avatar is a movie about new age technology about the future, nothing to do with the old world or pirate scroll.